Jill & Scott's Story

Writing about Scott and I seems like it would be a challenge because I often come back to the thought of where do I begin? I think to myself, how can I sum up a relationship and bond that I shared with him in 38 years in a 3-5 minute excerpt for this website? Luckily, there are those of you that have already had the pleasure of knowing Scott as well. We all had a different relationship with Scott, but I can say ours was truly unique. A bond that began in my Mother’s womb, a connection I simply cannot put into words. 

I laugh thinking about when my Mom shared memory of us in our crib together, how Scott would drink his bottle fast and ever so gently lay me down while stealing my bottle. He made sure that I was okay and never stopped looking out for me until the day he died. My head has been flooded with memories of our childhood and they all have one thing in common, Scott protecting me always. I remember when we were in middle school and Scott was kind of a nerd, never brushed his hair and had a sweatsuit for every day of the week.

I had just made cheerleading and was kind of embarrassed by him, but he told everyone we were twins! A young man in our class made a “not so nice” comment to me and Scott handed me his backpack and preceded to put this boy in a headlock and throw him into his locker. He was expelled for that, but he didn’t care because he said I shouldn’t be disrespected like that. This carried on through adulthood and even after I got married. Scott would visit Marc and me at every duty station and sent me anonymous flowers on birthdays and Mother’s Day. He always did nice things like that, but never bragged about it. 

He often volunteered at a homeless shelter and would give anybody the shirt off his back if needed. I remember talking to him on the phone not too long ago and he bought boxes of ice cream sandwiches and gave them to some homeless people on the street. He didn’t have much, but he always liked to pay it forward. He even gave away several pairs of Nike shoes a couple of days before he died, just laid them out on the lawn of the church where he volunteered. Scott did acts of kindness always, but he battled a much darker demon that we can imagine. I never fully understood the pain he was in, even though I felt when he was sad and had anxiety...I could feel it from 3,000 miles away...but I don’t think any of us truly knew how much he suffered. 

He loved his family and always said, “Family is everything”...I prayed nightly for Scott and asked God to give him peace and happiness. I know that in my heart that Scott is free from the pain and suffering. It is our goal here at the A Night For Scott Website to continue raising awareness and funding to provide services to those affected by this disease. We know that in his name that we are continuing a legacy that will help to change others through the Scott Zebrowski Scholarship Fund. It is our hope and prayer that you too will come alongside us and partner with us in helping to help others in Ending The Stigma and to Fight For Tomorrow.

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